Friday, March 13, 2009


Last night before Josh and I went to bed we got Kenzie up to change her because she has a bad diaper rash. I started changing her on the couch which is not my normal routine. I had her undressed and her diaper off when I realized I didn't have the diaper rash cream. While Josh was getting it for me I put my hand under her thinking that if she did pee, I would just catch it. Well, she peed, and my hands didn't catch it, but her pajamas and the couch did. Fortunately the pajamas soaked up most of it and only a tiny bit got on the couch. I took her wet clothes off and went to get her a new pair of pajamas while Josh sat with her. When I came back, the couch was soaked and so was Josh's shirt. She had peed again while Josh was bent over giving her kisses and this time it wasn't so contained. It was hilarious. I can't capture it in worlds the way it happened at 10:00 pm last night. But it was funny. Kenzie rarely causes a stir about anything and the whole time she was smiling and happy unaware of the situation she was causing.

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