Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Food Poisoning

I had food poisoning all weekend (at least that is what we think it was...and I won't be going to Subway again anytime soon, not even if their subs are 5 bucks!). I had hoped that it would be more productive weekend since it was our second to last one before the move. Instead I was completely out of commission all of Saturday. I don't remember the last time I was that sick...ever. I am so thankful that Josh is such and amazing husband and father and did such a wonderful taking care of me, the girls, and the house so I could rest. I couldn't even keep water down. Josh thought that I might be pregnant...but I am definitely not. I would honestly rather been in labor though, than feel like I did last weekend. I think he also gained a greater appreciation of what I do, not that he wasn't appreciative before, but at the end of the weekend he was sure he definitely never wants to be a stay at home dad. It isn't that he can't handle it, it's just that we are created so different. I think the difference between men and women can be highlighted so clearly in our roles in the home. I don't know how anyone could deny the existence of God when looking at the family structure and how perfectly God orchestrated it. I love my job at the house, not to say that I don't need a break here and there. But I love multi-tasking, keeping our home clean and organized, preparing meals for my family, I even love getting the girls dressed in the morning and picking out what they are going to where when we go to church or on an outing. Josh on the other hand wouldn't find much joy those things and isn't necessarily good at them either. But he does find affirmation and joy in providing for our family, going to work everyday, coming home and spending time with the girls in the evening, etc. I would do horribly handling all of those pressures and financial stresses. I love seeing how different God created man and women and how it is so clearly witnessed in the family structure. The longer Josh and I are married the more I see what a huge joy and blessing family is and how thankful I am for it.

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