Monday, March 23, 2009

Packing and Packing and Packing

The title of this blog isn't really all that true. I don't feel like I have been packing all that much, I feel like I've been making a mess is all. The packing is pretty much done. We have a box or two in each room to pack that can't really be packed yet because they are necessities; dishes, toys, toiletries, etc. The girls and I are headed over to Salem on Thursday and Josh comes on Friday with the moving truck. We had to bump up our entire move by a day (which doesn't seem significant but a day is a lot when you are down to the last few). So we lost a little bit of help with the move and everything will be a little bit more difficult than we anticipated. Josh actually has to work the morning of the move. So he will help move all of the equipment out of the business and into storage and then drive the truck to Salem and move all of that stuff into our third floor apartment. Busy day, I am sure his muscles will be sore! I went to post some new pictures of the girls today but I realized that I had packed the usb cable so my posts will be pictureless for a week or so.l

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