Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Update (with no pictures...sorry)

So I don't have any new pictures but I wanted to give you an update on the girls. They are healthy and this just might be our longest streak of healthiness yet! We do have MOPS on Thursday, which can often end the healthy streak. It will be my last MOPS meeting in Bend and it will be one of the things I miss most about living here.
Madison is getting smarter and smarter. It is so fun to be able to have conversations with her and get a glimpse of what she is thinking. She knows two colors now, dead (red) and purple; all other colors are hit or miss with her. She is still obsessed with animals and her current favorites are elephants, dolphins and fish. I contemplated getting her a fish, but we just aren't pet people and I think that even a fish would be to much "pet" for us. Last week Madison graduated from a crib toddler bed to a real toddler bed. We made the transition fast so we could avoid moving two cribs to Salem when we go, and so that we don't have to take two pack and plays with us whenever we go on an overnight trip. That will be so nice, between the two pack and plays and the double stroller, there is hardly room for anything else in the car what we go on trips.
Makenzie is changing so fast. She can stand now for long periods of time (5 or 10 minutes) and has even started taking a step or two as she holds on to something. I can't believe we are nearing this stage already. She can't get to standing on her own yet, but can sit up from lying down by herself. Such a big girl. She eats solid food a couple of times a day, vanilla yogurt is still her favorite. She has got some crazy bangs going on and it seems like that is the only place that her hair is really growing. I can't even put it up in a pony tail because all her hair is in the front and she would look like a unicorn.
Both girls got new carseat last week too. Maddie's was brand new and it goes up to 100 lbs. Her little 24 lbs frame looks so tiny in her big new seat. We got her a new one so that we could give Kenzie her old one and stop using the baby carseat. I definitely don't want to be lugging the baby carseat up to the third floor when we move. Kenzie is still rear-facing but she is more upright and can see more of what is going on. Anyway, that is an update on the girls. I will do my best to get the camera out soon.

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