Monday, March 23, 2009

What a day!

I don't know how much progress I made on cleaning or packing today...I do know that I cleaned up a lot of messes though. One of my worst fears came true today...walking into the bedroom and finding a child diaperless with poop everywhere, and it didn't just happen once today it happened TWICE. It wasn't even my child, it was Kendall, the little girl I watch up until tomorrow. Why couldn't she have waited two days to figure out how to take her jeans and diaper off and smear poop all over the play pen?! The first time it happened wasn't too bad, I managed to clean up the mess but I had to put her back down for a nap again because she had been too busy playing with her little balls of poop the first time I put her down to sleep. The second time was much much worse. The pack and play, and her hair, and her clothes, and her mouth, arms and legs were covered in dried on poop. Gross. Then I walked into the living room and Makenzie was eating something, which is weird since she can't walk and I don't leave food on the living room floor. And then I saw a loaf of banana bread and lots and lots of crumbs spread out across the carpet and Maddie was "feeding" her baby sister. So nice of her to want to make sure Makenzie wasn't hungry...and there is part of my day for you!

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