Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Hair Cut

I gave Madison a hair cut last night. We keep it short to give the sides time to grow out without it looking like she has a mullet. If the back gets too long it starts looking mulletish. I cut about 1"-2" off yesterday. I am always really nervous to do it myself, but it is just the back so even if it is a little uneven I figure it doesn't really matter. I am not willing to pay someone $15.00 to give her a 2 minute trim. Not to mention, she would probably be so nervous about the new environment of a hair salon that her hair cut wouldn't turn out any better than had I just done it at home. The two top picture of her in the green shirt are of the new hair cut. The two bottom ones of her standing on her bed are of the day before, when it was longer. She loves to run to her bed and look out the window whenever she hears the garbage truck coming. We have a wonderful view of the dumpster right outside and she can watch the garbage truck pick up and empty the dumpsters. She loves it.
HEALTH UPDATE: The cough is really hanging around. They both still sound pretty bad, but they are slowly getting better. I can't wait until they are healthy so we can go enjoy the park and storytime at the library and all of the other things I was looking forward to enjoying in Salem.

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