Monday, April 6, 2009

Salem Carousel

On Sunday the weather was amazing. I really don't think the weather could be better than it was. Any hotter and it would be too hot, any colder and it would be too cold, and there was not was perfect. Even though the girls have been really sick we just couldn't resist taking them to the Salem Carousel, which is less than five minutes from our house. Maddie was very excited to ride the horses. She had ridden the mechanical duck at Wallery's Pizza Parlor the night before and we were excited to celebrate getting over her fear of mechanical animals. Josh took Madison on the horse and she loved it. We picked the tiniest one, one that doesn't go up and down, just in case her fear returned. After going on the carousel we took her to the park nearby. Maddie went down the slide about 50 times. We can't believe she is so big. We can just send her over and she can do it all by herself. She even holds her own against the big kids trying to push her out of the way. It is really neat to see her gracious, kind spirit in situations like these. She doesn't yell or get upset when it is another kids turn, or even if they take her turn. She has always been good about sharing, probably partially due to the fact that she has had a baby sister for as long as she can remember. Makenzie wasn't doing do well at the park. It was her very first day of the sickness and she looked horrible. Her eyes were bright red and her nose was running the entire time. We kept her happy with some cheerios and a cup of apple juice. It was a quick, fun, family outing.

This picture made me laugh, it captured exactly how I am sure she was feeling...

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