Friday, May 29, 2009

Lincoln City Beach Trip

Today we went to the beach. Our first trip to the beach with the girls was for a wedding a few weeks ago, it was windy and freezing and Madison refused to let her feet or any other part of her body touch the "yuckies" as she called it (the sand). Today the beach was warm and beautiful and the wind was minimal. Madison still was not sure about the sand. She would play in it, but every once in a while she would shudder and say "yucky". She was trying really hard to enjoy it and not to be distracted by the sand between her fingers and toes. She did great and even went in the ocean with Dad. Makenzie loved every minute of the beach. She loves putting her hands and feet in the sand and water and eating the sand too.


  1. I love the last pictures at the beach...a perfect description of the "yucky" sand. -Stacey

  2. The pictures of the girls were adorable at the beach. I could just hear Maddie saying "yucky" in that last picture with her hands out and that horrible look on her face. The one of Josh and Kenzie is so cute. Thanks for the update!
    Grandma T.