Sunday, May 24, 2009

Maddie's Birthday Party

Today was Maddie's second Birthday Party. The theme was purple. We kept it really low-key because Maddie tends to get overwhelmed with new situations and lots of new people. We had 6 kids and their parents over as well as Grandma Thorp, GG Smith, and Uncle Jon and "Aunt" Alexa. I made purple playdoh for the kids to play with, and surprisingly there was no mess when it was all over with. We had purple candy and purple jello jigglers and purple cupcakes, as well as some non-purple items to eat. Maddie loves the purple balloons and has been dragging them all over the house now that her party is over. She did way better than I had expected her to considering there was nearly 20 people in our apartment. She didn't have any meltdowns or shed a tear the entire party. At one point every single kid was playing in either Kenzie or Maddies bedrooms, except for Madison who was playing alone at the playdoh table. About half way during the party Madison came out to the living room naked from the waist down...I went to investigate and there were two little boys standing in the bathroom that told us that Maddie had gone poo poo all by herself and dumped it out and flushed it. It was very exciting that she had done this all by herself. We will work on the issue of not pooping in front of boys and not taking our pants of in the middle of parties later. I can't believe my little baby is two. She gets more and more fun each day. Children are truly a gift from the Lord.

Friends Miranda and Lydia

Her Purple Birthday Outfit
(Thank You GG Lee for the adorable hair accessory)

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