Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Portland Children's Museum

I took the girls to the Portland Children's Museum on Monday. It was our first outing with just a single stroller because they don't allow double strollers at the museum. I don't know how a Children's Museum can ban double strollers, but they do. I was actually really impressed with how well it went, I was bracing myself for much worse. Maddie has a great time. She got to play in water, dig in a giant pit filled with pieces or rubber, do a little gardening and brush and alligator's teeth. We went with my friend Tara and her son Logan. Kenzie was able to join in on the fun at the water table as well. The museum was really neat, I was thinking Madison might be a little on the young side, but she loved it and I can see her enjoying for years to come. I am already planning a return visit...

Planting a couple flowers.

Apparently Maddie didn't read the "Do Not Climb" sign behind her.

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