Saturday, May 16, 2009

So Blessed and So Selfish

This evening I found myself complaining (not really to anyone in particular since I am home alone with the girls) about the fact that the girls have been sick so much the past couple of months. Part of my reason for complaining is because I feel bad that the girls have to be in pain or uncomfortable at all, but another part, maybe even a bigger part I ashamedly admit is because they don't sleep as well, and they whine more, I have to cancel plans, and my life gets a little bit "harder". And then tonight after the girls were both sound asleep (by 7:45pm, yes, I was complaining about them taking until 7:45 to fall asleep, I am pathetic, I know) I stumbled upon a blog about a 10 month old baby girl that lived in a hospital her entire life and passed away last week. After reading the blog and seeing what that family and that little girl went through, I can't believe I ever thought about complaining because my girls have had colds on and off for a month or two. And on the blog where links to at least 50 or 60 blogs of other families and babies in similar situations to the little girl I read about. I am so blessed to have my healthy girls and I fail to remember that often enough. I am thankful for this reminder tonight. When you get a moment, thank God for the healthy blessings in your life, and say a prayer for those families that can't say the same.

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