Thursday, May 14, 2009

Two Videos

This first video is of Maddie dancing at Library Storytime. I try to take her to story time every Wednesday morning. She absolutely loves it. The ready a couple of books and sing lots of songs with actions. They do this song where they play music and the kids are supposed to dance and then when the music stops they are supposed to freeze. Maddie loves to dance. I was laughing out loud with joy and amusement watching my daughter enjoy something so much and I just had to capture a little bit of it on video. This was toward the end, when she was tired, but at the beginning she was so energetic and was squealing with delight.

This second video is of Maddie pushing Kenzie around in her doll stroller. Kenzie was all buckled in and everything. Maddie kept pushing Makenzie up and down the hall and stopped every so often to look down at her and say "cute baby".

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