Saturday, May 2, 2009

We Cut the Bangs

Kenzie's hair was getting a little out of hand. Her hair is short everywhere, except for the front. The hair in the front insists on hanging in her eyes constantly and won't be clipped or sit to the side. Before we cut it, it hung to her nose. Josh finally convinced me that we should cut it by bringing up the fact that it couldn't be comfortable for her to have hair in her eyes constantly and that it didn't even look good. I cut it this morning because I don't want to have anyone else to blame except for myself if I don't like how it turns out.
Potty Training Update: Maddie is doing pretty accidents yesterday and none so far today...we still put a diaper on for nap and bedtime or when we leave the house. We stopped setting a timer yesterday and have just been asking her if she needs to go every hour or so. When she does go, she exclaims "I got it!".

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