Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our Yesterday

Yesterday was such a great day for our family. We started off the morning by going to a few garage sales as a family. I often find things that I can resell for 5 times what I paid for them, which is our main reason for going. After going to a few garage sales we went to the Saturday market to have lunch and buy some produce. We stopped by a rummage sale on the way home and bought and old ugly white wood desk for $5. I have been wanting a small desk for our living room to keep the laptop on and it was just about the perfect size and the price was right. Plus all of the proceeds go to a pro-life pregnancy education center here in Salem. Then we headed home for a much needed nap. During nap I started preparing some ribs for Josh's Father's Day dinner since I am working on Father's Day. And then Josh and I set to work on the old white desk. I wanted to repaint it right away or else I new it could easily sit there and never get finished. We sanded it and painted it and had it finished by the evening. It was really fun working on a project together and having a nice desk to show for it. And, even though the ribs were a low-carb, sugar-free recipe, they turned out awesome with the homemade bbq sauce recipe I found!
Oh an this first pictures is Maddie "helping" me make the sauce for the ribs. And I will just go ahead and let you guys think that I responded perfectly to this situation. :)

Oops...tomato sauce everywhere.
The $5 find!

Rubbing food in our hair right after our bath is SO much fun.

A bike that we found at a garage sale for $2. (We are selling it, and I think I am going to leave out telling the new owners that it has been ridden in the buff.)

She loves wearing Daddy's shirts and I thought it was a cute tribute to Father's Day.

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