Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Portland Zoo Trip

Every second Tuesday of the month at the Oregon Zoo the entrance fee is $2 instead of $10.50. We spent $6 total (including 2 adult tickets and parking, kids under 3 are free) to take our family to the zoo today. Well it was actually $11 for the day if you count stopping at Starbucks on the way up. I thought it would be insanely busy because of the discount but it was really a manageable crowd. I am sure during July and August when school is out it gets a little crazy on $2 day, but today it was fine. The girls had a great time. We kept Makenzie's tray full of gerber puffs and a jelly sandwish and she was happy. When I asked Maddie on the way home what part of the zoo was her favorite, she said the lions, which we didn't see, and when the elephant touched her hand, which didn't happen, but all the same she had a wonderful time. Oh, and I was brave enough (or silly enough) to let Maddie wear big girl panties to the zoo and she stayed dry the entire time and went potty in the big girl potty when we were at the zoo. She is a big girl potty champ! The girls slept the entire way home and I was sure that was going to be it as far as naps for the day, but they went right back down when we got home. And now Josh is grilling some burgers for lunch, what a great day!

Kenzie Kisses

Watching the Birds of Prey show and eating lunch on the lawn (actually they make you put your lunch away during the show so the birds don't come after it)

Okay so the elephant exhibit was right behind this girl, adorable baby elephant and all, and she was taking pictures of Kenzie instead.

A black bear that came inches from where Maddie was standing at the window. I have never seen one this close before, usually it is just a black blob off in the distance. Maddie asked to touch him, she must have had her brave pants on today.

Madison looking at the fish exhibit.

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  1. 711208brWow I love how brave Maddie was at the zoo, especially with the lions and touching the elephant. :) What a cute. I had a good laugh. The Kenzie kisses were adorable and "Maddie, Grandma is so proud of you staying dry the whole time at the zoo and going potty in the big girl potty, way to go girl!" Glad you all had a great day!