Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekend at Steph's Mom and Dad's House

Where do I begin?! This weekend was action-packed and wonderful. Our family headed up to Washington on Friday morning to spend the weekend with my parents. After spending the afternoon with my family Josh and I headed to downtown Seattle to celebrate our fourth anniversary. We had dinner at the Crab Pot, a restaurant we have been wanting to go to for quite some time. I didn't think to bring the camera, but I should have. There specialty is dish where they bring a huge bowl of seafood to you and dump it on your table, and then you use the bowl for the crab, clam, muscle, and oyster shells. It was delicious! After dinner we went to Starbucks and walked around down at the piers for a while. It was a wonderful anniversary. The rest of the weekend was filled with giant rope swings, volleyball games, bbqing, another date to Starbucks for Josh and I (two dates in two days, unheard of!) playing outside, paintball, and enjoying the company of family and friends. My parents had a big barbecue at their house after church on Sunday and many of their friends came to celebrate Cameron's homecoming from Iraq.

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