Saturday, June 13, 2009

What a day...

New Slide

Maddie pushing Kenzie

Today has been interesting. I started out the day by garage sale shopping and Josh went up to Portland to take his Praxis Math Test to finish up his requirements for starting the Masters in Teaching program in August. I had just found an awesome deal on a little slide/swing set (Maddie got one for her birthday last year, but sadly it is too big to have in the house and too dangerous to have on the patio so it is in storage for now) and was working out the details of how to get it home when I received a call from Josh telling me he had broken down on the freeway about 30 minutes from our house. I jumped in the car with the girls so I could get the working car to Josh asap. Meanwhile the people I bought the slide from offered to drop it off on the third floor doorstep of my apartment for me. So amazingly nice of them. We weren't even sure if there was enough time for me to get the car to Josh and still have him make it up to Portland for his test, if you are late, you don't get to take it, and if you don't get to take it you are out the money it cost to register. To make it worse I was completely out of gas. I picked up Josh on the side of I-5 and drove to a gas station. Josh filled up the tank and I loaded the girls into the stroller. Josh headed up to the test and made it on time (though the stress of the car situation didn't help with his test-taking mind set I am sure). I walked to a nearby Walmart with the girls and hung out for an hour and a half until Jon and Alexa came and picked us up. They dropped us off at home where Cameron, who I haven't seen since before he deployed to Iraq, was waiting for me. It was so nice to see him and Alyssa again. After he left I started trying to figure out what to do with the car. We have 24 to get it off of I-5 before the State Troopers have it towed for us and a not-so-nice price. The car is not worth fixing so we ended up making arrangements to have it towed at no cost to us and the towing company is just going to keep it. So we are out a car, but the girls did get a slide and swing, Josh made it to his test on time and I got to see my brother and his wife for the first time since October.

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  1. WOW...that does sound like a very full and eventful day. I am glad that you figured out a way to tow the car. We have been a one car family for a year now and you figure it out. :) Good luck! :) Love the swing/slide find!!! good work :)