Friday, July 3, 2009

Splash Fountain

This is a good one of Kendie's newest tooth, her third.

Two parks within miles of our house have just opened these new splash pads. The girls love them and they have been wonderful in this weeks 95+ degree weather. On our last visit, the day these pictures were taken, Madison went down the slide in her bathing suit and received a 2nd degree burn on her bum. It was so sad. She started screamig as soon as she went down but we couldn't get to her before she finished sliding down. We didn't even notice the severity of the burn until after her nap. It is pretty big and ugly looking for such a tiny little girl. We took her to the doctor yesterday and got medicine and bandages for it. She is doing great with letting us change the bandage and clean it, etc. So in the future, we will put shorts on after playing at the splash pad and before heading to the toy area.

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