Friday, July 24, 2009

Update on the girls

I haven't written much about the girls and what they are doing in day to day life beyond outings lately, so here is an update:
Maddie is just as busy and curious as ever. She loves getting into things and asking lots of questions. She is still eating non-food items when given the chance, last week it was pink paint. She is very social and talks about her friends often. Anyone she sees is a potential friend. She sings (loudly) almost constantly. And she isn't afraid to tell you if she doesn't want you to sing with her. She is very proud of her baby sister and watches out for her. I still have yet to see a hint of jealousy towards her sister. She is so sweet and caring with her. Tonight at dinner we heard sirens and I told Maddie it was an ambulance and that someone was hurt. She was so bother by the fact that someone was hurt for the rest of the evening. She mentioned it at least 10 times and even prayed for them on her own when we were praying at bedtime. Not a night goes by that she doesn't remind us to pray with her before she goes to sleep (I would like to think it is because she really loves to pray but I am pretty sure at least part of it is her attempt stalling). But she always prays for her sister and her family and usually for her favorite thing we did that day (the park, the horsey, etc). She loves to learn and I have found that the best way to keep her out of trouble is to challenge her mind. She knows her letters and the sounds they make and when I need to keep her busy I have her go find me a letter on the fridge. She has a toy on the fridge with a different magnet for ever latter and I will say "go find me the letter S", when she is in need of something to do. And she will come running back with the 'S'. Her new favorite video is Curious George and I love that her favorite movie has a decent soundtrack. She still loves to ride the carousel as much as we will let her and now Kenzie has really started to enjoy it as well. There is no doubt about the fact that she is 2, one morning she loves yogurt, the next she cries if I give her yogurt. She gets frustrated if she is not able to accomplish things (kind of like her mom). She likes to get dressed all by herself and has started to do a pretty good job at it. She gets her shirt and pants on correctly more often than not. That is a little bit of what Maddie is like these days; full of energy, smart, caring, determined, and sweet.
Makenzie will be one in less than two weeks but she is weighing in at 16 lbs 3 oz, so unfortunately she isn't going to be able to face forward in her car seat anytime soon... She is on the verge of walking but would rather crawl so that she isn't slowed down. She loves to move and to climb. She has fallen out of her high chair once, out of the tub, and come very close to falling out of the cat at the store. She is so skinny that straps don't contain her very well, if at all. Not to mention she has a busy older sister that also requires my attention from time to time. She is still very content with whatever is going on. She hardly makes a peep on long car rides (the opposite of her sister) and is okay with just about any situation or environment. She is a little fearful of some strangers lately, but other than that she isn't scared of anything. She loves animals, even if they are 10 times bigger than her and she is happy to play with children 5 times her size. She can say hi, bye, mama, dada, baba (bottle) and rarara (the wheels on the bus go round round round) she even does the little motion for the wheels on the bus. It is adorable. Maddie sings it all of the time and Kenzie has finally picked it up. I have been trying to get it on video for days now but she won't cooperate. The other day she grabbed a toy phone and held it up to her ear, I had no idea she even knew what a phone was for. She is starting to open cabinets and drawers (I don't miss this phase) but fortunately she has an older sister to tell her no. She has also started playing with Maddie's dolls, it is really cute to watch. She holds them and tries to feed them. She is getting one of her own for her birthday. She is also very content just to play by herself. I didn't expect this from her because she has always has her sister around, and Maddie was never very good at playing alone. But Makenzie will sit in her room, or her sisters room and play by herself for a long long time.
The girls are becoming closer and closer and it is so fun to watch them interact with each other in new ways each day. I am so thankful for the relationship they have and the bond that is forming between them.

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