Friday, July 24, 2009

A visit to Bend/La Pine

Last weekend the girls and I went to Bend and La Pine for the first time since we moved to Salem. On Friday we went to the pool with my friend Courtney and her 9 month old daughter. The girls had a great time. They have sprinklers similar to the ones we take the girls to at the park. Right next to the sprinklers there is a kiddie pool that slopes into a bigger pool. The girls loved playing in the pool. It was exhausting trying to watch two young, mobile children in the pool at the same time, but each girl only submerged once, so I would call that a somewhat successful trip. After the pool we headed to La Pine to attend my old Friday night ladies Bible Study and to visit with friends. On Saturday we headed back into Bend with my friend Nicole and her boys to attend a Children's Festival in downtown Bend. Maddie got to play some carnival games and win some little prizes, have cotton candy (she's not a fan) and get a purple balloon. It was a quick trip, but it was really nice to see some friends from La Pine and Bend and the girls were pretty good little travellers.

Side note: You may have noticed my new "format" with the text on the side of the pictures, I cannot get my computer to not do that. It is driving me just started doing it one day. I typically like the works at the bottom or top, with all of the picture in a row down the center but it won't do it for me any more...and this may or may not be contributing to my lack of posts lately.

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