Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Bay for Kenzie

Over the past few weeks Makenzie has developed quite an attachment to Maddie's beloved Bay (stuffed bear). She goes into Maddie's room in the morning, climbs up on Maddie's bed and gets "Bay" and carries it around with her most of the day. The trouble is, Maddie needs to have it to sleep with at nap time and night time. I've searched and searched for a replacement, because even before Kenzie fell in love with it I wanted to have a back up for Maddie. Unfortunately for me and mothers out there everywhere, there is a very very lucrative business out there that preys on desperate mothers searching for "lovie" replacements...on ebay a used "Bay" typically goes for over $30.00 with shipping. Well today Maddie woke up after a few minutes of napping and kept asking "Where's Bay, Where's Bay?". She didn't want to continue her nap with out it. I looked all over for it and finally found it, tucked in Kenzie sleeping arms while she was napping. This is when I decided I needed to do another "Bay" search on the Internet. We also considered taking Maddie to buy a new "Bay" and give Kenzie her old "Bay" for her birthday tomorrow. Well, that won't be necessary, I found a "Bay" on ebay for only $12.59 including shipping. What a steal for such a priceless little bear. I am sure that is more than the thing cost brand new back when it was for sale in stores, but you never can tell what your child will fall in love with. For Maddie it happens to be three things: Bay (bear), Lully (her 12" Lovie sized blanket) and a huge extremely warm, thick blanket that she insists on sleeping under every night, despite the fact that it makes her sweat profusely and may be 107 degrees out at the time... And in case you are wondering, Maddie did not come down with a red skin disease, that is marker, and this is the reason we never use anything but Crayola Color Wonder! (for those of you who don't know, ColorWonder are amazing markers that only color on special paper, not on clothes or walls or tables or skin or anything else that should not be colored on!)

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