Saturday, August 1, 2009

Guess where we went today?!

We have been going to the beach a lot lately. This may have been our last trip for a while though. Josh and I will be in California the week after next and the following Monday he starts a pretty demanding year of school. We switched it up a bit and went to Pacific City (the spot we were engaged) instead of Lincoln City. We were hoping to avoid the large crowds and the Sand Castle Contest, but when we got to Pacific City there was a surfing contest going on and more large crowds. A nice local told us about a small, secluded little beach not far down the road. When we got there and there were no people in site, only a dead seal. But he kept to himself. It was cold today but that didn't stop the girls from having a blast. Kenzie kept trying to get Josh's coffee the entire time so finally we gave in, dumped out the coffee and gave her the cup and straw. She wouldn't put it down. Josh and Maddie always take a long walk near the water when we're at the beach while Kenzie and I stay back on the blanket and play. It is so cute to watch them walking off in the distance together.

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