Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My new camera

You my have noticed my increased volume of blogs lately. I completely forgot to blog about my new camera. Josh got if for me for my birthay. We have a nice, big camera that takes beautiful pictures, but it isn't always convenient to use. We also had a small camera that was slow and always missed the "kodak" moment because it took about 25 seconds to take a picture. The other day I let the girls play with our slow, worthless camera in an attempt to have a few minutes of time to get something done...and they broke it. You might expect that I was disappointed or even upset, but being the fabulous mother that I am I took our broken camera in stride, I didn't become mad or overreact towards the girls (okay, really I was just glad it broke because at least now I had a valid reason to want a new camera). Anyway, I hinted to Josh that a would LOVE a new camera; but my birthday came and went without one. The day after my birthday was the day we flew to California. We were sitting in the airport waiting for our flight and I was starting to miss the girls already. Just then, Josh pulled out a package (the camera) and distracted me from missing the girls. AND he had charged it, and took video of the girls telling me they loved and missed me. It was so adorable and thoughtful of him! Though I enjoyed my time with Josh and our kid-less vacation thoroughly, I did watch the videos of the girls on more than one occasion during our trip. All that to say, now that I have a smaller, faster camera, I am constantly taking pictures and videos again.

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