Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quick trip to visit GG and Boppa

The girls and I made a quick trip to Oceanside today, well it was two hours each way, so as quick as that kind of trip can be. My grandparents (to the girls it is GG and Boppa) are vacationing at Oceanside through the weekend. The girls and I drove up there to have lunch with them and play on the beach. Car trips have not brought out the best in Madison for the past year or so and I was dreading the long drive... But both of the girls were absolutely amazing the entire way there and back. I still can't believe how well it went. I planned the driving so that it would take place during Kenzie's morning nap and then during their afternoon nap on the way home, but that doesn't always work out as planned. Today it did though, it was a wonderful drive and we had a great time with my grandparents.

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