Thursday, September 3, 2009

My little queen of excuses

Somehow over night Madison learned to give excuses to get out of doing something or to get something she wants... She has come up with quite a few this morning and it isn't even 8:30. If she is this good at it at 2, I can't imagine with it will be like at 15!

Mommy: "Maddie pick up your playdoh please?"

Maddie: "I can't, I'm sick"

Mommy: "You aren't sick!"

Maddie: "Actually, I'm really tired"


Maddie: "I want lullie" (Her blankie)

Mommy: "Lullie is for nap time, you don't need it right now"

Maddie: "Um, I need to check on Lullie please."

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