Monday, September 14, 2009


Maddie and Makenzie's Grandma and Grandpa Thorp are in town for 18 days and the girls are loving the attention (I am loving all of the attention they are getting and the break that I am getting too:). The week has been fairly uneventful until today. Jim and Corinne were gone for the evening and Josh and I were cleaning up dinner. Maddie and Kenzie were freshly bathed and playing in their room when Maddie came out saying "I pooped!". Thinking she was referring to 5 minutes prior, when I had taken her to the bathroom to go, I said "Yes you did, that is great." A few minutes passed and Kenzie came walking out of the bedroom, hands caked in brown substance and she proceeded to smear them onto the kitchen was then that I realized that Maddie meant that she had pooped in her room. Oops. Josh and I double-teamed the mess and had it cleaned up in no time!

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