Monday, September 7, 2009

The Oregon State Fair

This afternoon we went to the Oregon State Fair. Josh's friend from college Jake, also in the MAT Program with Josh, came along too. It happened to be $1.50 ride day today, and though we weren't planning on it, we bought a few tickets for Maddie. She went on the giant slide (with Mom) and then the carousel. She really just wanted to ride the carousel, and until that happened, she couldn't talk about anything else. It wasn't nearly as nice as the one at the Riverfront Park, and it actually cost more, but Maddie loved it. After a couple of ride we headed off to find the animals. We stopped and got a deep fried flowering onion on the way (not as good as Outbacks Bloomin' Onion but still great). I think it took us almost an hour of walking around before we finally found them. Maddie really wanted to see the lions and elephants, but unfortunately this State Fair doesn't have them. She was happy to see the baby pigs, cows, bunnies and goats instead. Josh and Jake went on a couple of rides before we left too. One ride was a hang gliding ride where it looked as though they were flying, and Madison got so scared when she saw Josh take off. I am pretty sure she thought he was flying away for good. That was the second time in two days that she has been scared to tears like that...her imagination and understanding are taking off faster than she can comprehend. Kenzie, as always, was a trooper and was content to watch the happenings from her stroller. I had planned to take the girls to the zoo tomorrow, but after our adventures today I think we might just stick closer to home instead.

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