Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Perfect Moments

Years ago my dad and I were out having dinner, just the two of us; we were Christmas shopping for my mom. He said during dinner that it was a perfect moment, eating dinner and spending the evening with me. I won't ever forget him saying those words. And, as I have grown up and started a family, I have often thought of his words when I have "perfect moments" of my own. Obviously things like holding your newborn baby while they are minutes old, and watching your child sleep are perfect moments. Today I experienced another one with Maddie. It was a simple thing, but a perfect moment in my mind. I was getting ready in the morning in the bathroom and Maddie was sitting on the lid of the toilet seat watching me. Often I tell her to go play while I get ready so that she doesn't slow me down...but this morning I didn't ask her to leave (and now I wonder how many perfect moments I missed just so I could get ready a minute or two faster). We were singing and talking and singing some more. It wasn't anything major or spectacular, I was just getting ready for the day. But it was perfect, sharing that moment with my daughter, watching her sit there and listening to her sing. It was a song I had had stuck in my head earlier and must have been singing at some point that morning, she doesn't typically sing it so that made it even more special, she had been singing it because I had and because I liked it. It may not sound like much, but with Maddie being 2, the day is often filled with whining, crying, discipline, and battles; it is easy to lose site of what a blessing children are and it is so wonderful to be reminded.

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  1. My dear Steph, I remember the moment we shared and have others as well. Since then I have come to believe that those moments are gifts from a heavanly father that loves us beyond compare. Like a kiss on the cheek from Him and a wisper in our heart that say "I love You"

    Love from your Dad