Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Fall Update

Well, no pictures to post but I felt I was due for a blog update. Fall is in full swing at our house and our days are filled lots of indoor activities, crafts, playdoh, dress up and music, Mom to Mom meetings every other Friday (similar to MOPS but hosted at our church...I LOVE it), and next Monday the girls will be starting Kindermusik. We also just joined a new gym in town and Josh and I took the girls swimming there last Saturday. The pool is amazing and there is a great area for the girls to play and even a toddler sized water slide. Maddie hasn't been down it yet, but I give her a week or two and she'll be over those fears. I have yet to be back there to work out...but it may just happen soon.

Madison has discovered a love for dipping her food in just about anything. She actually requests carrots these days, because she knows that are accompanied by ranch. And she doesn't actually eat the carrots, but finds them to be a very affective dipping tool. She also request ketchup and will even take caesar dressing if ranch is unavailable. And every time we go to the store she reminds me to get ketchup because one time we ran out of it.

Makenzie has mastered the words "no" and "mine" far fast than her sister did...Maddie is a good teacher! Kenzie's vocabulary is growing so fast. A few of her newest words are: thank you, bay (her bear), and papa (grandpa). She is also signing the words for 'more' and 'please' at mealtimes.

I will post some pictures soon, as I plan on taking the girls to a pumpkin patch or two in the near future!

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