Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A risky trip to the Zoo!

This girls and I just got back from a trip to the zoo. I debated going all last night and this morning because the weather was calling for 90% chances of rain. On the other hand though, I knew it was probably the last $2 Tuesday we would have a chance to go to before the weather would be too cold until April or May. I headed up to Portland anyway, second guessing my decision all the way there. When we got to the zoo it was 40 degrees out and there was a 90% chance of rain...and we don't have an umbrella. I bundled the girls up, parked 4 spots from the front and headed in, not knowing what to expect. I wasn't sure how many animals would be out in the cold and impending rain. To our surprise and delight, there was almost no one at the zoo and ALL of the animals were out. We saw more animals up close than we've ever seen before at the zoo, and the girls were able to go right up to the glass at every exhibit. And it didn't rain a single drop while we were there! I kept the snacks coming and we lagged in the indoor exhibits for a chance to warm up, but other than the cold it was a great trip. No crows, great parking spot, great views of the animals and the girls had a blast.


  1. Woo Hoo!!! That's awesome Steph!! So happy that you and your girls got to have the zoo practically all to yourselves and got to see all the animals!! :)

  2. Wow...awesome pics and you know it is a great day when you have the perfect asleep on the way home picture to end the day!!! :)