Saturday, November 21, 2009

Our day

The other day wasn't as ideal as I would have like, but looking back it had so many brights spots and I am thankful for it. To start the day, I was very late to an 8:00am dentist appointment. Yuck! I came home to find out that Madison has broken my favorite vase. On the way in the door to find the broken vase I spill coffee all over my favorite white shirt (I'm pretty sure I broke some rule by getting coffee within minutes of getting my teeth cleaned). The girls and I then left to run errands. We stopped at Dutch Brothers Coffee (sorry Starbucks) on the way. A friend let me know about Dutch Bros awesome kids cups and flexible straws. For just $1.25 you get any drink you want in their cup and it comes with this flexible straw and relatively spill proof cup. Spill proof enough that I can let Kenzie drink while I drive, which can't happen with any other drive through coffee stand cup. AND they are reusable. I love them! Then, while at the store, with a full cart, Madison peed all over everything we were about to purchase. Meanwhile Kenzie is screaming and since that is so unlike her I decide to make her a doctors appointment. The appointment ends up being just long enough away that it is pointless to go home so we have to kill some time. It is almost lunch time so I decided to take the girls to Burger King, their very favorite lunch spot. We typically don't go inside but since we had to kill time, and I was worried that pee mcgee would have another accident and I definitely didn't want it to take place in her car seat(her accidents come in pairs it seems) we ate lunch inside. Maddie was thrilled to get catsup, since obviously that is not something we do when we go through the drive thru. And both girls wore their crowns too. Lunch was a fun break in the day. Next we headed to the doctor to find out that Kenzie did indeed have at least one ear infection, the appointment also counted as her weigh check for the month which is great because it is one less trip I will have to make to the doctors office. After that we headed home where I had just enough time to put the girls down for a nap, pick up Kenzie's prescription and then head off to work. And though the day did not go exactly as I had planned, I am so thankful that we have dental insurance and that we can have clean healthy teeth. I am thankful that I got to spend the morning with my girls. I am so thankful that the doctor was able to get us in and catch Makenzie's ear infection. I am thankful for the health insurance so that we could go to the doctor and fill her prescription. And though it may not be my ideal to have to be working part-time right now, I am thankful that we have a wonderful sitter for the girls that they love and I can trust whole-heartedly with my girls.

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  1. I love this, Steph-- I love your thankful heart, it's such a great reminder. You are one incredible lady, and a wonderful mom!