Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our Very First Christmas Concert!!!!

Both of the girls were in their very first Christmas Concert this morning at Church. They sang 'Away in a Manger' and 'Go Tell it on the Mountain'. It was ADORABLE!!! Madison has been practicing the songs for weeks both at Church and at home. We have also been talking about singing in front of lots of people at Church in hopes that it would ease some her nerves. She didn't seem nervous at all when she got up there. I was sure her entire fist would be in her mouth (a nervous habit) once she got on stage, but she didn't put her hands in her mouth once, not even her thumb. She sang and rang her bell and did many of the motions for the songs, and she had a great time doing it! Unfortunately Kenzie wasn't in my cameras line of view during the singing, but she was held by a "walkers class" helper and managed to stay on stage the entire time too. Once I figure out how to download the video I will post that as well. I am so thankful for these fun moments like these and look forward to many concerts and proud parent moments to come!
(They did the concert twice, once for each service. The first time the girls were actually next to each other (perfect for pictures) unfortunately I was a helper that service so I wasn't able to take any pictures. My good friend Jayme took some for me though, and these first the pictures are from her. )

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  1. This is one of my favorite times each year...they are all SOOOO cute and I just love watching all of their little personalities come out on stage. Your girls are so cute and they looked adorable on Sunday! :)