Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To the doctor again

I took Kenzie to the doctor today because she has been fussy for a week now, as bad as it sounds, I was seriously hoping she had an ear infection so that there would be an excuse for her recent behavior. Well, she doesn't have an ear infection so I guess we'll be stepping up the discipline. I took a few pictures today because I have pictures of all the places we visit frequently (the park, Carousel, museum, etc) but had yet to get pictures of the doctors office, not to mention I had to do something to pass the hour wait time...they are usually so prompt, but not today. Kenzie was due for a weight check and two shots today too. Her weight has gone down a little since last month to just under 19 lbs, but it isn't too big of a concern. She left with a sticker for her and one for her sister and a smile on her face. After the doctors visit we picked up Maddie and headed over to story time at the Library. This afternoon I am taking the girls to work with me for a short managers meeting; we'll see how much gets accompished with them there...

My wallet, always a waiting room favorite

Coloring on the back of the shot consent forms...if she only knew...

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