Friday, January 8, 2010

I Love Routines

In our house January means the beginning of new routines, or the refining of old ones. I love daily routines. I thrive on routines. I do not like who I become without them; stressed, short with the children, chaotic, unproductive, etc. We had two major changes to our daily routine this week:

Goodbye Morning Milk:

We took away milk in the morning because the girls don't eat food, at all really... It was a tough habit for Maddie to break, she has had a warm serving of milk in some form or another upon waking up, since the day she was born. And now the girls are offered milk after breakfast. As a result of this change the girls' breakfast appetites have increased. I no idea before becoming a mom, that so much of my day would revolve around food and how to get my children to eat it. Looking back it seems like such and obvious fix to get the girls to eat food but sometimes routines are just so hard to change, even when there is a better alternative.

Goodbye Lovie:

Next, I put away their lovies during the day. The girls were walking around with their thumbs in their mouths and their lovies in their hands for the better part of the day. And since thumbs and lovies go together like peanut butter and jelly in our house I thought the best option was to get rid of one of the culprits. I am so not ready to tackle thumb sucking all together. I sucked my thumb until I was fairly old and I turned out decent enough, so I am willing to risk it for a little while longer with the girls because the alternative, making them stop, doesn't seem very fun for anyone involved. So Lovies are now for nap time and bedtime only. There was a lot of whining and roaming the house like lost little puppies on the day one and two, but the end of the week was much better. Their thumbs still find their way to their little mouths more often than I would like and I can see orthodontist bills getting bigger by the day. But I have seen improvement and that is all I was hoping for at this point.

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