Saturday, January 23, 2010

Make shift Date Night

I have been wanting a date night with Josh for a while now but we didn't have anyone to watch the girls.  After our speaker talked about Husband and Wife Communication at Mom to Mom yesterday I was more ready than ever for some quality time with Josh. So last night I made one of our favorite meals, Kabobs with rice and farofa (a Brazilian dish). Then after Kenzie went to bed at 6:30 we put Madison on our bed with popcorn and let her watch Mary Poppins on our computer (she thought it was the best thing ever, popcorn and a movie). Josh and I rented the movie 'Mail Order Bride' (use caution when googling that title...) and enjoyed an evening together, with just a few interruptions from Maddie. The movie was a really clean romantic western for those of you looking for a movie to watch. I think we are going to make it a weekly Friday night event; enjoying one of our favorite meals and a movie together.

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