Friday, January 8, 2010

Pictures for the Grandparents

A post-breakfast cup of milk (with Miralax mixed in, but that's a whole different blog and not one that I am sure anyone wanst to read)
One satisfied breakfast customer. And she just went ahead and decided to use raspberry jam to style her hair today as well.
Game Time
One on one time with Madison, playing the ducky game. She's winning...
Catching Bubbles
(and about to get a cup of water poured on her head by her sweet sister; but before you feel bad for her just remember where her younger sister learned to pour cups of water on peoples head)

Art Time
The girls got this table for Christmas and I can already tell that this little Ikea table is going to see lots of use. The girls have already spent many hours coloring, eating, playing with playdoh, and climbing on top of it to access no no's that used to be out of reach on the counter.

Another bath pictures, I know I'm annoyed that it is out of order too, but you'll have to take it up with

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