Monday, February 8, 2010

18 months!

Makenzie turned 18 months old on Friday! She is such a talker and so full of life. She has mastered the phrase "I wanna...." and uses it frequently. "I wanna walk" I wanna nack (snack)" "I wan bay (her bear)" "I wan down" "I wanna go" "I wanna ca (color)". She has also mastered the use of stairs. She insists on walking up and down the stairs to our home (all three flights of them). We haven't quite tipped the scales to 20 lbs yet...colds and sickness keep setting us back a few ounces, but she is close! She absolutely loves to dress up and play with her dolls. She loves going to the carousel, just like her sister. She has developed quite a reputation for being a climber. I have had quite a few people at church and even when I am out and about in town stop me to comment on what a climber she is. Thankfully she hasn't taken too many bad falls. Kenzie is also a bit of a hitter and a bitter, something Madison never did. Maddie has been sporting a nice, big bruise/bite mark on her cheek for a few days now; courtesy of her sister. For a day or so after it happened Madison was genuinely scared when her sister came towards her. Other than those rare moments, the girls are getting closer and closer each day and becoming the best of friends.

Here are pictures of both of the girls at 18 months old:

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