Thursday, February 18, 2010

Puzzles and other things

Madison had gotten really good at puzzles lately. Up until now she could do the wooden puzzles that have the cut out shapes without help, but this morning while the girls where having room time Maddie managed to do actual puzzles all by herself. I was blown away. I am sure lots of two year old out there are doing "big kid" puzzles, but I didn't know that MY daughter could do it. I am so proud of her for figuring it out all on her own. And it was so evident how proud she was of herself when I came in and praised her for a job well done. After the past few days I was in dire need of a wonderful mommy moment like this one. Just last night I was telling Josh that I needed a "good" day soon because I was beginning to get worn out. Much of it had to do with Kenzie teething and being 18 months and being so cute that she is rarely held accountable for her actions; but another big episode over the past few days has once again been Maddies bowel troubles (sorry if that grosses anyone out, but just be thankful you didn't have to clean it up!) I forgot to give her her daily dose of Miralax two mornings in a row. The result was a few days of very painful and traumatic potty experiences for Madison. Lots of screaming, tears, etc...finally she got so scared to go potty that she refused to sit on it. Even after the Miralax kicked in she wouldn't sit on the potty, not even to pee. Every time we had to put her on the potty was a huge, long battle with screaming, tears and puking and lots of accidents. After 4 days of this, in addition to Kenzie's behavior and fussiness I was getting discouraged and hoping that no one would ask me why it is I wanted kids...because I wasn't quite sure I had an answer for them. But all it took was Maddie doing a 4 piece big girl puzzle to motivate and encourage me once again! Thank you God for your faithfulness and for the blessing of children.

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