Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Kenzie is becoming increasingly fascinated with Elmo. We've never had any Elmo paraphernalia around and she has only seen him on Sesame Street a few times, but she loves him. I've never been a huge fan of dressing my kids in cartoon characters, but when I found this little Elmo tee shirt for $1.50 I couldn't pass it up. Kenzie LOVES it. When she is wearing it, she looks down frequently and yells, "ELMO!". Then yesterday I came across an Elmo TMX for $5.00, it's an interactive Elmo doll that laughs, talks, and rolls around when you tickle him. Kenzie is so attached to her Elmo. He is big, and quite heavy because of the mechanical aspect to him, but that doesn't stop her from taking him everywhere she goes. And the distracted look in her eyes is because Elmo's World just so happened to be on tv at the moment.

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  1. My girls LOVE elmo. And they've never seen him on TV or sesame street! HA!
    I am planning a huge elmo themed birthday for them this year...LOVE it.