Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sort of Funny Mommy Moment

After a 9:30 am play date at Burger King (because our original destination was unexpectedly closed and none of us were about to go home with having our children expel some energy) I stopped to pick up Madison's Easter shoes. The girls were naughty in the store. I was embarrassed, annoyed, and slightly worried that the tone I had would warrant a call to CPS. On the way out to the car I was regaining my composure and somewhat calmly explaining to both girls that when I tell them to sit down and not touch anything they need to obey right away. Immediately after saying that Kenzie stopped walking towards the car and sat down...in the rain...in a puddle. At that moment all of my frustration vanished and all I could do was laugh.


  1. Matt and I are laughing too! You're girls are too cute!

  2. Love it!!! Good job Kenzie!!!