Monday, March 8, 2010

My New Friend!

I got a new friend today. I have been wanting a sewing machine FOREVER. I finally got one today. Funny thing is that now that I have it I am too scared to touch it. I took it out of the box, put in on my sewing table and now I don't know what to do. I don't know a thing about sewing. I haven't even turned it on. The words bobbin, thread and stitch are overwhelming. I definitely learn by doing but I can't figure out what to do for a beginners project. I googled "first sewing projects" and came up with a plastic bag holder or a removable money pocket for your bra. Seriously! Neither of those ideas are remotely appealing to me. What I really want to do is bust out 5 or 6 pillows for my bedroom in fabric that matches the wall hangings I completed today. And in my dreams it is completely achievable. I have found tutorials teaching you how to sew pillows in 10 steps. Unfortunately step one for me would be turning on sewing machine and their step 1 blows right past that. So, when I come up with the perfect beginners project my new friend and I will become acquainted.


  1. HA Ha HA! Too bad we don't live closer! I got a sewing machine for Christmas and have yet to use it because of fear! BUT, a great starter project would be pillow cases.

    Or a cork bored cover.

    Hope that helps!

  2. I am so excited! I am hoping to get one for my birthday!!! Pillows aren't too difficult. We should get together soon!

  3. SO JEALOUS!!!
    I have wanted a sewing machine for so long now...I guess I will live vicariously through you :) HA!