Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ag Fest!

We went to Ag (Agriculture) Fest in Salem this afternoon.  The girls were able to pet cows, bunnies, and baby goats.  Both girls had their first pony rides (one of them was a little more thrilled than the other)...and judging from the picture, I was the most excited of all.  It is so funny how often time as parents, we experience more joy than our children in watching them experience things.  In every picture Josh took of Kenzie on the horse, there I was with the biggest, dorkiest smile on my face (I wish I had photoshop right now!).  First pony rides are a big, exciting thing!   The girls got to "milk cows" and play in pools filled with corn kernels.   Madison got a purple flower balloon that didn't quite make it out to the car before it popped...and both girls ended the trip with suckers!  Who could ask for more?!

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