Monday, April 12, 2010


Monday is usually the day I try to stay home and catch up on housework and other projects I may have going on. Today was just too beautiful to stay indoors though. The girls and I went up to the tulip fields near Woodburn. I had planned to go later in the week but the clear skies and sunshine were calling our names. I will probably still go later in the week because the girls had a blast. I love activities like this that expose the girls to new experiences, are low cost ($5 per car during the week) and are so much fun! The ducky water races were by far both girls favorite activity of the day. We could have spent all day there. I envisioned myself getting tons of cute, frame-worthy pictures of the girls situated just right between the beautiful array of flowers...however that was not the case. There was tons of mud, lots of puddles (thank goodness for Crocs), a few falls, and plenty of smiles and laughs...

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