Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Dentist Laid Down the Law!

I took the girls to the dentist today for Makenzie's first appointment. It was just to look at her teeth and give me instructions on how to better care for them. Madison's appointment is a little more involved since she will be 3, so she doesn't go in for a couple of weeks. The dentist did notice that the girls' teeth were forming a bit unusually and we attributed that to thumb sucking. He said that the girls have until about the age of 4 to stop sucking their thumbs before it will start to affect their permanent teeth and even their speech. He spoke directly to Madison and let her know that she needed to stop and that she needed to help her little sister learn to stop. Madison really took this to heart and has been talking about it ever since. I thought she would be really upset, but she seems to understand. She even asked at nap time if she was allowed to suck her thumb. I don't expect any immediate changes, but at least the groundwork has been laid for what I expect to be a difficult battle over the next couple of years.

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