Monday, May 24, 2010


This past weekend was the Iris Festival Parade.  The weather forecast called for lots of rain and thunderstorms but we decided to give it a try anyway.  Madison and Makenzie are particularly facinated by firetrucks and horses these days and I knew that there would be plenty of those in the parade.  Last year we went to this parade and the weather was 85 or 90 degrees...  Global warming my bu**...  The weather held off and we made it through the entire parade without a drop of rain.  When I asked Madison what her favorite parts were she said "Firetrucks, Waving, Candy and Horsies."

Before the parade started someone handed out balloons to all of the kids.  I watched balloon after balloon fly into the air followed by tears from the children who lost them.  I was feeling pretty proud of myself for having tied the balloons to the stroller to keep them from flying away and avoid tears...until I went to put them into the car and one got away..  That's what I get for thinking I am smarter than the average parent...

Maddie spent a good portion of the parade with hands over her ears...she was loving it though!

There were about 10 brown horses and 1 black and white one in this group. 
Madison said, "Look Mom, lots of horsies and 1 cow!"

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