Monday, June 14, 2010

Beach Trip turned Covered Bridge Trip

Our plan on Sunday afternoon was to head to the beach as we do most weekends when we have a free day during the summer.  We loaded up the car, drove an hour to the beach, unloaded the car, stepped onto the beach, realized that the wind was too insane for anything enjoyable, and promptly loaded the car back up and headed home.  The curb the girls' disappointment we stopped at a candy store and bought them rock candy suckers.  I remember getting those as a kids on trips to the beach.  We also took a detour to a covered bridge.  There are signs on the main highway leading you to this historic bridge.  We stopped and got the girls out and let them run across it, but directly on the other side, not 50 feet from the bridge is some one's house...weird.  Our trip didn't go as planned but we spend the afternoon together as a family and had fun doing it.  Plus, we checked "take your kids to some boring historic monument" off of our 'things to do as parents list'.

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