Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Perfect Bib

I finally found the perfect bib. After 3 years of disliking many bibs and honing my bib preferences, I've created one that I LOVE...and though my girls are nearing the end of bib wearing days it won't stop me from making them for others.

My bib issues:

Too small.
Velcro just gets ripped off as soon as your baby is able or it gets gross with time and loses its stick.
The ones that go over the head are nice, until they are covered with food and you have to take it off of them without smearing their breakfast back into their face/hair.
The plastic ones are ok but are a pain to wash and then hang to dry.

My perfect bib:

Full coverage (from the shoulders down to the waist).
Snap closure.
Washcloth backing so that it can be used to clean them up with afterwards.
Machine washable/dryable.
Cute and made with love!

(for my good friend Stacey's new baby girl Aubrey)

 (washcloth backing)

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