Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yep, definitely feeling pregnant...

About Saturday I definitely started feeling energy and moderate nausea.  I think it is Gods way of reducing any doubts I may have had left about really being pregnant after the 4 positive pregnancy tests I took.  Unlike the other two pregnancies this one could actually be classified as morning sickness, with the girls I typically felt sick in the evening.  Needless to say, the girls have been able to watch a few more episodes of WonderPets than normal and eat snacks in the living room.  I lay on the couch reminding myself that this is only a season, that it could be worse, and it will all be worth it.  Kenzie is kind enough to share her bear with me from time to time while I rest.  Today when I got up off of the couch there were hundreds of cheerios spread across the living room floor.  It kept them occupied eating them, making the mess, and then cleaning them up, so I am okay with it. 

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