Thursday, December 30, 2010


Food is my single source of exhaustion lately...well maybe that and being a pregnant mom to a two and three year old, but really I think it is food.  As soon as I finally figure out what I want to eat, actually prepare it, and then eat it, I am hungry all over again.  Eating 5 to 6 meals a day is EXHAUSTING.  And on top of that my kids have decided they like eating.  I used to be able to skip their lunch meal without hearing one word about it from then, it was not uncommon that Josh would come home and we would start discussing the day and I would realize, "Oh, we never had lunch."  But not anymore...Madison asks for food ALL the time.  Between her stomach and mine, I have no time for anything but food.  

This is totally unrelated to food (actually quite the opposite), but for some reason I am going to blog it anyway. I am staying home more often lately so maybe I am not getting the "contact" I need from the outside world causing me to blog gross/random things.  For those of you who know us well, you know that we have had HUGE pooping issues with our oldest.  We have had daily laxatives, pleading, candy and toy incentives, frustrations, doctors appointments, tears (mine and hers), accidents, and worse, all to get her to poo.  Our efforts were pretty much useless, she would hold it in until her stomach hurt and she was miserable.  Well, two days ago a switched flipped in her and she realized that pooing does indeed not hurt, just as her Dad and I have been telling her for a year now.  And now she won't stop pooing.  She gets candy every time she does so now she is constantly trying to go.  I am afraid she is going to give herself a hernia or whatever you get from pushing too hard...  And I have had to cap her candy incentive at two poos a day because yesterday she was up to like 8.  Seriously I never thought the day would come that I had to tell my kid to stop trying to poo so much.  And I can't wait for the day when I no longer have to give out candy in exchange for going poo, or change it, or see it, or talk about it...

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