Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Gilbert House...again

I am definitely getting our money's worth with this membership. 

 Stamp ink...face paint...what's the difference really?!

 Milking the cow that traumatized my children because every 5 minutes or so it 'MOOED' so loud that it could be heard thorugh the museum.  Kenzie woke up from nap convinced that there was a 'gary' (scary) cow in her room and refused to go back in there.

 Nothing like cuddling a leopard that has been cuddled by thousands of children before...oh germs.  

 This wasn't even one of the exhibits, it was just a heater vent in the floor.  

She isn't looking but I am rarely ever in pictures with my kids and I would like it documented that I was indeed present during their childhood.

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